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    Re-deployment for actual iPad fails / initial deployment not overwritten

      Hi there

      an initial deployment of an ADF Mobile app has been successfully deployed and tested on an actual iPad device (via deployment to iTunes, connecting the iPad to the development machine and sync'ing the app).

      After major modifications - up to now tested on the iOS Simulator - a re-deployment to the actual iPad shall take place.
      When deploying to iTunes, despite answering "yes" to the question whether to replace the current app, and automatic sync, the app on the iPad will not be overwritten. When starting it on the iPad, the initial deployment, from weeks ago, shows up.
      This also occurs if first, deployment to distribution package is selected, and then only to iTunes.
      Also, explicitly deleting the app in iTunes, and auto sync, did not remove it from the actual iPad.

      What may be wrong here?