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    WLS-Cluster: Configuration of Load Balancer

      Hi All,

      Regarding WLS-Cluster with SOA-Installation need to check, if Loadbalancer (via Hardware LB und then Appache LB) is configured correct.

      Which topics and/or points is to check? What is best approach to check it?


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          Hi All,

          Helpfull information:
          Master Note on Oracle WebLogic Server Clustering and Load Balancing Support Patterns (Doc ID 760941.1)

          Here is a nice sample application that you can use for testing the configuration:
          1150374.1 - Webapp Sample for testing WebLogic Cluster Session Replication, Stickiness and Failover

          With respect to checking if everything is configured correctly, I would also suggest the support pattern
          779770.1 - WebLogic Server (WLS) HTTP Load Balancing Problems in Cluster Using Proxy Plug-in Support Pattern

          Also, you could use the below documentation for loadbalancer specific configuration
          (This is only required if we do not have WebServer/Apache in the mix)
          Generally if you have webserver forwarding requests to WLS, then no special configuration is needed for Loadbalancer to forward requests to WebServer/Apache other than persisting the cookies.