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    Mismatched Oracle drivers - need upgrade ( to


      We are running Oracle Enterprise software on various client and DB servers and we are experiencing a problem (outlined Re: Attempted to read or write protected memory ) where the apparent mismatch between the oracle drivers are causing the errors.

      Our db servers are using and drivers and the clients are using

      Firstly, are the drivers the same on the Express and Enterprise editions so that if I update a development server using Express version (I dont have the authority to upgrade the Enterprise version nor the time to commission that) and it is successful, can I reasonably expect an upgrade to the Enterprise client versions on other servers to be safe/error free, baring environmental factors of course ?

      Secondly, can I upgrade to version now or do I have to go to the 11g version only ?

      I hope I have explained this correctly and that it is understandable as I cannot find this sort of info elsewhere.

      Regards, George.