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    MapViewer 11_1_1_6_B120220 - Error capture

      Good people.

      Someone who can help me with this problem ..
      I am working with Oracle MapViewer Ver11_1_1_6_B120220 to be more specific, I'm consuming public MapViewer Oracle provides us 'http://elocation.oracle.com/mapviewer', use JDeveloper Studio, to show Geographic map use map.
      The problem that presents itself is that by raising the application mometo shows me an error message on the screen of the browser, this message, I believe, is sent by the server Mapviewer I'm using. Some times the error 'MAPVIEWER-05523' and others.
      The help we ask is, how could I do to show these messages, but they appear, we see that the application is working well, because it shows me the expected results, but that error message does not let it take control browser, I wanted to know how can I do to avoid these error messages appear, or not make them visible.

      Hey tried using JavaScript (windows.error), but this fails to capture the message.

      In advance, thank you, greetings