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    Redeployment / update issue on older applications reverse


      When we try to redeploy an EAR whith an older version (with console 'update' but without using production redeployment) the classes of WEB-INF\classes and/or jars of WEB-INF\lib in the war modules are not updated with the oldest versions. This is the case when we want to reverse to a previous version of an application after a wrong deployment.

      We are under weblogic server 10.3.

      We don't use 'production redeployment' (so there is no appversion in descriptor) but rather use console 'update'.

      We saw that jars and wlcls_gen.jar (containing classes from WEB-INF\classes) are not updated in the temp working folder (\tmp\_WL_users\...). These jars are only updated if the EAR contains newer classes in those specifics jars than the current deployed EAR.

      Here is the test case :

      - deploy an application and test a servlet saying 'version 1'


      - update the application with changing the servlet that now say 'version 2' and test the servlet


      - update the application with previous version (containing the servlet saying 'version 1' and test the servlet. It still say 'version 2' !!

      You get the same issue if you package the servlet class in a jar into WEB-INF\lib instead of directly into WEB-INF\classes.

      It seems that there is a kind of caching that is not updated on 'update' operation if the date/time of a class is not newer of the one actually deployed.

      If someone know how to avoid this side effect.

      Thanks for your help.