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    code formatter

      Is there a configuration file that we can directly define the code formatting? The formatter options are extremely limited and do not recognize some constructs (analytic function formatting, pivot/unpivot, decode) that look better when formatted naturally -- groupings of expressions that are related in the syntax -- instead of the simplistic line break before/after comma. Even some keywords are not even fully recognized -- they are highlighted but not capitalized.
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          Andrey Dorofeyev
          Hi All!

          I expirience same problem, i trying to search configuration file but did't find anything usefull. I think it's hardcoded in java aplets.
          Is there any posibilities to fine tune SQL formatter embeded in SQL Developer?
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            Jeff Smith Sqldev Pm-Oracle
            The formatter behavior is only configurable via the Preferences page for the Formatter.

            If you can give us code examples of what you want formatted and how you want it formatted, we'll be in a much better position to help you. That could be showing you the preference that will give you the desired formatting, or logging a bug or enhancement for you.