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    Looking for Java Text/HtML File Diff / Compare API ?


      we have the following requirement

      our web application ( Jdev 11g ) needs to offer the user the ability to compare two text or html files ( input streams actually, as we don't have direct access to files on file system ) and show the differences between both files in a side by side view in a browser window, with colouring indicating the differences. Very similar to what you would see in svn when you use the compare to see diffs between revisions.

      We were hoping to find a java API or re-usable code that could help us to implement this.

      The diff/compare api should take in two input streams, and the result returned should be something we can use to produce a side by side view of both files with differences coloured in our web application.

      Does anyone have an idea of any existing API code out there we could use. Any ideas, implementations tips are greatly appreciated,