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        6 months on and no updates? When can we expect N8 as a supported device by Beehive? At least for Calendar updates? Alternatively, how about allowing calendar synchronization using Mail for Exchange clients built into these phones? Its extremely tedious trying to get your calendar on these devices.
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          Adding my voice to the chorus for N8 support in Beehive sync. I was using an E71 but it became unreliable, randomly rebooting for unknown reasons. The N8 is a great business phone, and handles Beehive e-mail just fine. I should think it would not be terribly difficult to add an N8 profile to the Beehive mobile sync server.
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            Any news? Same problem with Nokia N8, email works just fine but I haven't found a way to synchronize my calendar. :(
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              You can sync your beehive and Google calendar by the following link:-

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                Include Nokia E5 and E7 too... these are the new phones which needs to be listed.
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                  It is actually all symbian ^3 devices, that need to be included (base, anna and belle revisions)
                  None of those works against beehive and as old series60/series40 gets replaced with new models, more and more people are not able to use calendar anymore.
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                    C7 with Anna here.
                    Same problems with Calendar although Mail works fine.
                    I expect C6-01,C7,E7,X7,N8,N500,N600,N700,N701 to be included they will get Belle support upgrade by the end of the year so they have to work.
                    My old E51 is dying.. Pls do something.
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                      Vishwanath S K
                      Any Update on the Availability of Calender support for N8?
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                        It is working.

                        Simple setup instructions :
                        1. edit $BEEHIVE_ORACLE_HOME/beehive/seed/oma/nokia_s60e5.xml
                        1.1 add to end :
                        <DeviceProfileName>Nokia S60 5th Edition</DeviceProfileName>
                        <Name>Nokia N8 DS11</Name>

                        2. upload profiles to server :
                        beectl upload_device_profiles --file $BEEHIVE_ORACLE_HOME/beehive/seed/oma/nokia_s60e5.xml

                        3. Create new sync profile to N8 and use server version 1.1 (1.2 will break sync)

                        4. sync device

                        That's it. works nice and smooth with E6, C7, E7, N8 etc.
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                          Vishwanath S K
                          Hey Duck,

                          The changes that you suggest are on the server side right?
                          Is it possible to change the device settings / config files so that server identifies as older devices?

                          Vishwanath S K
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                            anything new regarding this one? The list of phones impacted was extended throughout the last year and the issue is still there, i.e. I cannot synchronize calendar entries (with Nokia E7-00 in my case, but also had issues with Nokia N97 before) which is a real shame in 2012...

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                              If you apply the server changes suggested ealrier in the thread they should work. You need to make sure the profile you add to the server lists DS 1.1 as thwe DS version.
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                                Guys, If you guys are using your Nokia phone for Oracle Beehive emails over the air sync, normal IMAP Beehive configurations works fine but you wont be able to sync calendar. Great workaround for syncing calendar is to publish your Outlook Calendar to Your Hotmail/Live.com account. Open your outlook calendar > my calendars > publish to Internet > use your Hotmail/Live account. Its a real time sync. Outlook Calendar would give you a URL to be published on the internet. Your calendar will be updated in real time on your Hotmail account. !Open your hotmail account calendar and subscribe to the URL provided by Oracle Outlook Calendar. You Finished step 1.

                                On your phone, create a new exchange email account and give your Hotmail/Live.com credentials but Sync only Calendar. You're done! Your Outlook calendar would keep publishing on your Hotmail and Your phone would keep fetching your hotmail entries. You would see all your oracle calendar entries on your phone calendar.

                                Only drawback is that you wont get alerts for your new meeting invites and you still need to accept/reject your calendar invites from outlook only. But you will see all entries on your phone and will receive your reminders as well.

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