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    Issue Downloading Resources with Java Web Start

      I'm having an issue with Java Web Start downloading resources. After executing the JNLP file, the download will start and the main Jar will download, then the download will just stop. The downloader is still running, but the progress bar just sits and nothing happens. This only will happen on some machines, even ones on the same network. Others download fine, and the application starts correctly. I thought maybe a setting with java web start needed to be changed, but the proxy settings are set to the browser, which are the same for all machines. The JNLP file is below (however, for security reasons the codebase/homepage are left out, but they are correct in the actual file). Does anyone have any idea of what the problem might be?

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
           <jnlp codebase="..." spec="1.0+">
           <title>Java3D Test</title>
                <homepage href="..." />
                <description>Test application for Java3D</description>
           <update check="always" />
                <j2se version="1.5+"/>
           <jar eager="true" href="TestJava3D.jar" main="true" />
                <jar href="lib/Library.jar" />
                <jar href="lib/Java3D.jar" />
                <jar href="lib/j3dnative.jar" />
      <application-desc main-class="testjava3d.TestJava3DMain">