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    Subversion check out not working


      I came across a problem concerning the Subversion integration in SQL Developer Data Modeler: All my attempts to check out a design from our Subversion server failed.

      Here's what I've done:

      1) I created a new design and imported it into our Subversion repository by using "Versioning > Import Files". This worked correctly and the dmd-file and all corresponding XML-files etc. were committed to the repository. In the wizard I did not choose to check out the files after the import.

      2) I tried to check out the design into another folder by using "Versioning > Check Out". After selecting the folder in the repository and clicking "OK", the message "Checking out resources from Subversion repository" appears and the check out seems to be performed. However, only the folder itself is created locally and no files are checked out, although I chose "Infinity: fully recursive" as check out depth (when chosing other depth options the problem still remains). What's also strange is that after the check out message disappears, the "OK" button is disabled and some input fields in the dialog are cut up.

      Does anybody have an idea what might be the problem? Without a working Subversion integration the usability of the tool is very limited for our project.

      I am using the latest version of the Data Modeler ( on Windows 7.
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          Philip Stoyanov-Oracle

          what is reported in subversion log window while check-out is working.
          I'll recommend following steps to put design int SVN repository
          1) create directory in repository where design will go - check it out
          2) create directory in repository for "system data types" directory - domains, logical types...; - check it out - change in "Preferences>data Modeler" system data types directory to point to that directory
          3) use "save as" to save design into directory 1)
          3.1) question whether to put design under version control appears
          3.2) question whether to put "system data type directory" will appear if it's not set in step 2)
          4) on other workstations - you need to check out directories 1) and 2) and to set system data types directory first - open design is after that

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            I tried the check out again using a different local folder and this time it worked. I suppose that there might have been a problem with the other folder, as I have some other Subversion projects checked out there using Tortoise SVN.
            On another workstation the Subversion integration also worked fine.

            Nevertheless, thank you for your reply, Philip.