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    OEM Metric / Policy notification

      I need to setup email notification in Oracle Enterprise Manager (11.1.0) if a user account (xyz) gets locked in database.
      will appricate any help.
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          Loc Nhan -Oracle
          You can do this by means of a SQL UDM (user-defined metric).

          - Create a SQL UDM (two column) for the database target of interest using a query on table dba_users. The following example query will return the users whose accounts are locked and expired & locked.

          SELECT username, account_status FROM dba_users WHERE account_status LIKE '%LOCKED';

          - Set warning threshold as follows:
          Comparison Operator:          CONTAINS
          Warning: LOCKED

          - Create a notification rule for the UDM and select to subscribe to "Send E-mail"

          For more information on SQL UDMs see:

          - Loc
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            Thanks a lot, that's what i was looking for.