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    Is this a good solution?

      I developed a C# DLL that returns GIS data from an ESRI File Based GeoDatabase that I would like to access from a trigger. The DLL returns a Latitude and Longitude for a given route and milepoint located along one of the roads in my state. The GIS data comes from a files located on a local drive. The ESRI ArcGIS runtime is needed to access those files and I'm assuming that once the Runtime is installed on the Oracle databse sever it will be made available to the Oracle ExtProc and my DLL.

      In order for the DLL to do its job the GeoDatabase must be initialized which includes checking out a license from the license server and creating a in-memory workspace. These initialization operations are time consuming.

      So I have two questions:

      1. Is what I have described a good solution or is there another way?
      2. Is there a way to do all the initialization operations up front and have the DLL sitting there like a service initialized and waiting for a call?