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    error when I try to expand the dimension on the app.plan1 (dimension lib)

      Hello sir,

      I have 2 questions:

      1)The application that we are developing has 3 plan types and the dimensions are pulled from the shared library. Now if I open the application and the dimensions in them, I am able to. But, if I select a plan type and try to expand the dimensions (for example: MileageRange_Shr), I see an error like below.

      "Error calculating property 'MemberValidForPlan2' for member 'MR_NoMileRange': Exception occurred while evaluating 'ReadOnly' attribute of property 'DimValidForPlan2' with context 'Library=1, Application=1, Dimension=73, Member=0'. Exception was 'Existing lock (IS) is not compatible with the lock requested (S). '. "

      This is the same kind of error I see for other dimensions as well.

      2) Is it possible to pull a dimension into an application from a shared library (using it in plan1 and plan2) and for a member, if I give source plan type is plan1, Can I calculate the value for that member in a calc in Plan2? Is it possible to have different data in the same member on plan1 and plan2?? I want the member in plan1 to be calculated in plan1 and for the same in plan2 on plan2 itself.

      Please be patient with me if I am making no sense, but this is really important to me.

      I appreciate your response.