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    Java 7 Web Start Always Prompts For Proxy Authentication

      Hello there,

      Our company provides a web-started application. Customers using Java 7 have reported a proxy authentication prompt popping up after they upgraded from 6.

      I have been able to replicate and logged bug 7165402 by doing the following:

      -Set up a proxy (Proxy ISA Server 2006 Version 5.0.5720.174) which does not allow anonymous connections.
      -Pointed the connections settings in IE to this server and browsed the web on the Java 7 u3 client machine
      -Ran the jnlp on the client machine and got the authentication prompt.
      -Clicking cancel usually allows the app to run.

      My viewing wireshark and the proxy logs I can see that:
      Java 6 Web Start first attempts an anonymous connection, after this fails, it rolls over to using the correct domain user e.g. mydomain/first.last and the application runs fine.
      Java 7 on the other hand Web Start first attempts an anonymous connection but does not automatically roll over to using the domain user. Instead it pops up the proxy authentication prompt.

      This is likely to become a relatively large issue for us as nearly all of our customers are behind proxies and we really want to "minimum version" Java 7 for our app prior to 6 being EOL'd.

      I was hoping someone might be able to suggest a solution but I very much suspect I'll have to wait for the bug to be fixed :(
      Is there a good way of getting feedback/contacting support/voting for a bug these days, the whole bug database seems very unstable and frustrating to work with?

      Many thanks.