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    File Extentions

      Hello! I installed ODT and tried to add new file extension (.pck) to Options/Text Editor/File Extensions/ . Unfortunately dropdown control doesn't offer Oracle editor. How to explain to VS that .pck file is PL/SQL file?
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          nobody is editing oracle packages in VS?

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            Hello partizan,

            I saw the same thing and would love to have the ability to add other file extensions using oracle editor. It seems that the best way to edit packages in VS is to bring up the database in the Solution Explorer and Right-click the packages (or whatever) entry and select New. This brings up the PL/SQL editor in VS. I simply stored the packages in the database and edited them from there. You can always save as a file from that point, but it seems like you use the ability to debug the package from the text version of the file.

            I know this isn't the answer you were hoping for, but this is how I worked around the current limitations.

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              I remember it was possible in previous versions. Probably they removed this option :( Will use some other tool