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    OPA Documentation


      Is there a place where I can download a .pdf of the Oracle Policy Modeling Help? I saw where there was an html version online but I would like to have the entire manual printed so I can read it.

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          That question was asked during OPM class last month. There is no PDF format for the OPM User's Guide. There is additional HTML documentation under Oracle Policy Modeling Tools called Oracle Policy Automation 10 Developer's Guide.

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            Paul Fowler
            Disclaimer: I have not looked into the legal or other issues and have not done this with OPA html help myself...

            Theoretically, you can download the full Adobe (free with registration for 30 days or you can purchase it) and there is an option for Adobe to convert a whole "website" to pdf. I have done that with similar websites in the past.

            I am guessing there are other tools that will do that if you want to spend some time around Google...
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