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    JWS not using JSessionId first time request for secured jar file

      I have a servlet dynamically generating the JNLP and adding the JSESSIONID to the application's jar file for JWS to access it.

      Unfortunately the first time it is launched, I get "Unable to launch the application" error, with the "Unable to load Resource" error in the details.

      On subsequent launches, it launches fine.

      On further investigation it appears that JWS is not using the JESSIONID the first time to request access to the jar file but does use it when it works.
      (the details of the error show the reference to JSESSIONID so the servlet generating the JNLP is providing it correctly)

      Also JWS then re-downloads the jar file even if it has not been updated (although this could be a separate issue).

      Is this a JWS bug?