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    deploy with weblogic-maven-plugin for development purposes

      Hi everyone,

      We are using Maven 3 along with Nexus Pro to build applications and manage artifacts.
      Developers in the team don't have permission to deploy anything (SNAPSHOT or RELEASE) to Nexus, but only download. A CI server has been setup for that purpose.

      CI server builds SNAPSHOTs when developers commit something to SCM repo.
      CI server builds RELEASEs on-demand. We've created deployment projects that aggregate RELEASED jar files into ear files to be deployed on application and web servers.

      Each developer has a local Weblogic server and I'd like to use weblogic-maven-plugin (from Oracle, not from Codehaus) so they don't have to do the packaging and deployment to their local Weblogic server manually. I want them to be able to invoke the plugin's goals to install/update jar files on their weblogic and debug locally.

      My question is how to set it up. Once at the parent project level (would it take care of dependency jar files)? Or separately for each module within the project? There is also a problem of shared libraries. When packaged in an ear file (in "lib" directory by default), shared libraries' classes are visible to all modules within the ear file. When deployed separately, they have to be deployed as Optional Packages. Could I do that with this plugin?