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    EAL install guide is confusing


      I have followed it to the T. There is now start menu location for me to configure EAL.

      All of my services are shut down and i followed the installers as the guide says.

      What am i doing wrong?
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          there definitely should be a start menu item created.

          Also I believe the config tool normally starts automatically at the end of the installation.

          You can try to run the config tool yourself from the "bin" folder of the essbase analytics link home.

          Also you can check the "config.log" in the "Work" folder of the EAL home to see where the configuration might have failed up to now (if config tool has been run).

          Also OUI creates install logs as you use it to install other packages. So are there no logs from OUI to begin troubleshooting the installation ?

          EAL is not the easiest of products to install correctly the first time around. Is there someone else in your organisation who has done it before?
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            Nope. My first problem was i kept on running the oracle universal installer and it kept duplicating for some odd reason. Now when i run it i get a fatal zml 20108 error or a fatal xml error and i am not sure why it wont run.
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              I would follow the instructions and goto download_location and run the setup.exe
              this would create a OraHOME_1

              after i would click start menu > all programs > oracle - OraHOME_1 > oracle installation products > universal installer and it would run a similar install.

              I would select the ...products.xml

              then i would choose custom and it would re-install the same friggin installer that was just ran with a new Oracle - OUIHome1.

              This would not get me any further into or even close to the configuration.
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                Mr. V
                Which version of EAL are you trying to install? And what is your HFM version?

                Lately, I tried to install EAL v11. for HFM and it is working good. I remember downloading another Universal Installer ( from Oracle site because the version provided with EAL download hasn't worked. Please go through the documentation thoroughly.

                Cheers, Vicky.
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                  I have a virtual machine of both and

                  I can't get the to run the install and give the location to where i want the EAL to be installed.
                  the as soon as i click the first setup.exe it force close the command window and nothing else happens?
                  Where did you get the universal installer of
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                    Now the says that some of the jars are corrupt. I downloaded right from edelivery and it won't keep the cmd window open long enough to get into the install.
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                      Latest updated: for the install of

                      The Oracle Universal Installer command window opens:

                      Then it reads ... filegroup1.jar
                      End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not a zip file, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive. In the latter case of the central directory and zip file comment will be found on the last disk(s) of this archive.
                      " "
                      " "
                      I am not sure why this error occurred i did a clean download and unzipped to a download_location as the guide says. then a i launch or even try to run as admin. Still doesn't run.

                      Any advice?
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                        Mr. V

                        You can download OUI from this link: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/windows/downloads/utilsoft-087491.html
                        I've taken some screenshots while installing. I can share if you wanted.

                        Cheers, Vicky.
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                          I would enjoy those. Then i can walk through your install and see what i did wrong. Does it also have the configuration pieces both through the config tool and once into EAS?
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                            Mr. V
                            Yes Dj, I have configuration steps too, until you get the outline extracted from HFM.
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                              Did they get sent?
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                                Mr. V
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                                  Thanks for the help! it works. I just need to understand our HFM app a little bit more and update the regions so that when i do the data extraction I can then have data that i can do smartview retrieves on to vaildate its all there. Since the default region isn't really helping me out to much.
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                                    Hi Vicky,

                                    i am struggling here too. I have followed all the steps and 2 things are happening.

                                    1. i cannot use the same home as for my other epm modules, the OUI just hangs and does nothing
                                    2. if i use a separate home i go up until the end of the config tool but it says the server seems to be down, failed...

                                    so i you could share your slides with me, maybe that could help me sort out any error i might be doing.