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        The output of your command is empty.

        There is a entry in the file for the network-card:

        "/pci@0,0/pci8086,25f7@2/pci8086,3500@0/pci8086,3518@2/pci1043,8217@0,1" 2 "e1000g"
        • 16. Re: network-problem
          The network problem is not solved.
          It's not possible to do any network connection with this machine, if solaris is installed.
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            If you run:

            <pre>snoop -d e1000g2</pre>

            Do you see traffic? Trying running the ping from the other system when you have the snoop running and see if you see anything.
            • 18. Re: network-problem
              You don't have a default router.
              Make sure the file /etc/defaultrouter exists and has only the IP address of your router in it.

              To force the route immediately:
              route add -p default <ip of your router>

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                Some basic questions

                1.what is your host system if you are using only the live CD.
                2.Where you are using this live CD is it on a virtual box or just trying on main partition.
                3.How this machine is connected to internet(using router or directly wired connection from the service provider.
                4.Is there any MAC address bind to the machine by the service provider). If this machine is bind with the mac address by the service provider you will not be able to use the connection from any other physical or virtual machine.
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                  Thank you for the answers.

                  I have changed the network card. It´s the same model, but another card.
                  Then I delete the configuration and create a new configuration.
                  After this, the command ifconfig shows, that the card is up and was configured correct.
                  The MAC-address is now the correct address:

                  The ping-command works fine and I can connect to the internet.
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