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    Commenting out rows or columns in Excel

    A Gibson
      Hello all,

      At times i have compile issues in development with certain portions of an Excel worksheet, and want to temporarily comment those out so I can focus on the the other cells.

      Has anyone come up with a way to comment out rows or columns in an Excel rules worksheet?
      The functionality is easy in a word document - one can comment out text and then later uncomment the comment and the text is now active.

      I'm not finding that in the Excel. If I use the commentary indicator on a row or column, it disables the row or column, but I have no way to get it back to active.

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          Ben Rogers
          This would be a great feature upgrade!

          I suppose a crude shortcut would be to just use the OPM comment style to comment out the cells you want to toggle, but next to every cell create another column (which can be hidden or made very small) which includes the original styles like OPM - Condition/Conclusion and then format paint the commented cells whenever you want them back in. That way, you can very quickly "toggle" things, and OPM should ignore the blank columns.

          Not the most elegant of solutions but useful if you had to comment out a big block and wanted it back in again quickly.

          Looking forward to this feature in the next release of OPA :-)
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            Davin Fifield-Oracle
            Have logged this as an enhancement request.

            Thanks both.