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    Oracle EBS 12.1.3 Templates, concatenating files taking too long

      Hi guys
      I have installed Oracle VM Server (3.1.1) and VM Manager (3.1.1) and now proceeding with the concatenate files part as mentione with the "readme" under template download section.

      "Concatinate and extract the .tgz files. This step creates a directory
      with the name of the template, containing all the files for the

      cat OVM_OL5U6_X86_64_EBIZ12.1.3_APPS_VIS_PVM.tgz.0
      \ OVM_OL5U6_X86_64_EBIZ12.1.3_APPS_VIS_PVM.tgz.1
      \ OVM_OL5U6_X86_64_EBIZ12.1.3_APPS_VIS_PVM.tgz.2 | tar -xz

      for the application tier. I execute this from a terminal (logged in as root). As soon as I start this process, I get popups stating missing fonts (most probably due to the cat command trying to display the content of the files) and application tier concatenate process is running from last many hours. I checked the physical drive and nothing has been written to the drive yet!

      My environment: VMWare player=> Oracle linux 6.2 (64bit) => VM Manager 3.1.1 installed and fully functional, VM server hooked up and from both the instances (VM server, VM Manager) both the servers are communicating with each other as expected!

      Please confirm whether this is a normal behavior