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    Which RCU to use with WLS_10.3.5

      I am having issues with the Middle-Tier Discoverer service on my WLS, I'm thinking of re-installing my WebLogic Server. However I think one of the problems with the Discoverer may be that the wrong RCU was used to create my schemas for the Forms, Reports, and Discoverer services on my WebLogic Server.

      My question is what version of RCU should I be using for WLS 10.3.5?

      Thanks in advance for any help.
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          Ravi Jegga
          Weblogic Version has nothing to do with the RCU Version. RCU is related to SOA Suite middleware that is on top of WLS. RCU Version should match exactly with the SOA Suite version. Like if SOA/BPM Suite is 11.5, then RCU should be 11.5. The link is between SOA Suite version and WLS Version. Like SOA 11.5 will work only on WLS 10.3.5.

          I understand you have Forms, Reports but the above logic should still apply. So check the version of Forms, Reports that you have and apply the same version of RCU. Most probably, the verion should match with WLS version except that WLS has 10.3.x where as SOA has 11.x, where x=6 or 5 or 4 etc.

          Infact for SOA/BPM even the JDeveloper IDE should be exactly the same version. So in the end say for SOA 11.5 it will be like this:
          WLS 10.3.5 -> SOA Suite 11.5, RCU 11.5 -> JDeveloper IDE 11.5

          Ravi Jegga
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            Thanks I will remember to keep the versions the same.