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    Configuring DRM with Shared services


      How to configure DRM with Shared services, im familiar with security in DRM and in CSS process, unable to see DRM folder in Shared services (as this is not possible). I tried creating a new user directory but couldnt. Does this creating a new directory is beneficiary in syncing up Shared serivces with DRM. If so pls assisst me in this too.

      Need Assistance immidiately.

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          Mr. V
          Hi Sahitya,

          Not sure of v11.1.2.1. But, there is a new tab included in DRM Configuration Console version - EPM registry. Here, once the API is created, you can give the administrator password of DRM, Shared Services and API url to register DRM product to Shared Services registry. Then I hope you should be able to see the DRM project folder under Application Groups. Hope this helps!!

          And, should you create a user directory for this? I hope not.

          Cheers, Vicky.
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            Mr. V
            You might also appreciate this link: http://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/tutorials/obe/hyp/DRM11.1.2-ConfiguringDRMwithSharedServices/index.htm

            Cheers, Vicky.