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    OLite In Queue

      Good morning to all,

      I have a problem.
      I have some records in the In Queue and do not know how to remove them.
      I do not see any errors.

      What I can do?

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          The problem is that the MGP runs, but the records continue in the input queue.

          How I can do to see the error?

          This is the line where the error is shown

          Failure APPLY_COMPOSE 1425105

          And as much as I look I see the error log.

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            I found the following message in the "c$mgp_his_clients" user is blocked, and computer for the last "Cycle_ID"

            Applied Record Counts:
            Insert Count = 0
            Update Count = 0
            Delete Count = 0

            Applied PubItems:

            Indicates the number of records to be inserted is 0, but nevertheless are pending 95 records.

            Any suggestions?

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              the in queue items are in the mobileadmin schema in the table c$inq (if i recall correctly) if you delete those rows the inqueu will clear but i guess that some error must have occured

              if you go from the webtogo page and open the in queue select the item and then see the querys field and type e.g. update ...is there a problem with those queries?
              possibly one of them or all have a problem, e.g. primary key violation? missing data on server(client updated a row that doesnt exist now on server?)

              something like that? ofc usually those rows will go on the error queue and not stay frozen in the in queue.

              make sure you have the latest patches installed if we are talking for cause there were some problems like that if i recall and a patch fixed that.
              if your talking about 11g the new version better open a service request with oracle.
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                Hi vasileios,

                Thank you for your answer.

                The table "C$INQ" is empty.

                We walked through the Mobile Web Server and we see no error in the In Queue.
                Only 93 records appear still to go to the database.

                The records are stored in the table "CFM$ep_ser_rec_gum_11062009", and there is no field indicating failure.

                I think the mistake is missing some reference or something, but I'm not sure.

                Can you think of anything else I can do?

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                  Hello again,

                  Could someone help me with this problem?

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                    Hello all,

                    I need help urgently.

                    I still have the same problem. In the In Queue, the synchronization are being retained and not know why.

                    Even empty records appear, and do not know how to remove.

                    Anyone know why this happens?