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    working with markups through servlet

      There is several problems with using Autovue through servlet.
      Servlet receives http request, connect to the vue server (vue servlet via ServerControl), load .dwg file into
      vuebean by vuebean.setFile(new DocID(fileName)) and load markup by simple calling markupbean.readMarkup(FileInputStream instance) method.
      I get a markup file name by parsing 'markups.map'. Servlet modifies markup by http request parameters (set new FillColor, for example) and saves markup file -
      markupbean.writeMarkup(FileOutputStream) - very simple process.
      1. After markup changing i need to open dwg with markup (in applet), but i don't know how i can to do this. jVue.openMarkup() doesn't work - i don't understand what parameters are needed.
      2. When markup open via jVue applet GUI, changed TextBox elements are not visible, but presents in markup items list.
      If TextBox is selected it becomes visible! If I change the text or position of TextBox, it will become visible (without selection). This situation applies only to TextBoxes.

      Any suggestions how I can load markups into GUI and fix visibility of TextBoxes after saving via FileOutputStream.
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          Ricardo Av-Oracle
          your implementation is not a supported one and includes too many custom steps and would be bound to re-wrting a lot of functionality (internal)
          I would recommend you use the ISDK, and follow std exposed functionality
          Hacking into internal datastore is bound to fail as it is not guaranteed they will not change
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            Hi Ricardo.
            I didn't understand you. I use public method of markupbean class - writemarkup. I can get file name from save dialog, this is AWTSample, from Oracle examples )). I don't need difficult integration with implementing DocID interface and vue actions. I talk about very simple task - markup saving with predefined file name and predefined path.
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              Ricardo Av-Oracle
              May I point out some issues where you are implementing code that is not supported nor documented (and probably will not) and consequently help on those topics is not available
              1. I get a markup file name by parsing 'markups.map' -> not documented, not supported, could change on any release.
              2. markupbean.writeMarkup(FileOutputStream) -> where? local datastore is not documented, will need synching, writing to it directly not supported, could change on any release.

              Stating it as a simple action is probably not the best way to describe a over-complicated solution piggybacking on a closed (undocumented) implementation
              Hence my recommendation for an open and properly documented platform

              Perhaps you should have started by describing what you are trying to do
              If what you want to implement is to save markups with a predefined name, then your solution is an overkill (and goes in the wrong direction)

              If you would be kind enough to
              1. follow this forum's rules ie https://forums.oracle.com/forums/ann.jspa?annID=1527
              2. properly state what you are trying to implement in another thread, if possible as it will make search/review easier to the rest of the community
              3. Have a tittle that is descriptive enough
              4. is this solution required to work on a cluster (ie more than one AV server)?