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    'OraOLEDB.Oracle.1' provider is not registered - Only wiht my .NET App?

      Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit (App Server) - DMZ
      Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit (Oracle Server) - Internal network
      Both servers have Oracle Client 32bit installed

      Appserver is hosting: IIS and a Windows Application
      Oracle Server is hosting only the 11g DB

      On my IIS web application, it app connects to the Oracle DB without any issue.

      However, when I run the Windows application (.NET 2.0 app), it kept prompting 'OraOLEDB.Oracle.1' provider is not registered when it tries to connect.

      What we have tried:
      1- REGSVR oraOLEDB11.dll
      2. Verified registry key permission of Oracle that Users have Read access

      Any idea what could be the problem?