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    Back dating Certifications

      Hi all

      Can I get an update as to whether there has been any progress on being able to back date certifications when the learner has completed the training earlier than the certification on either 11.5.10 or 12.1.3? We still have problems with learners forgetting to subscribe.


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          Anders Northeved-Oracle
          Hi Pip,

          From 12.1.1 we have the following functionality "New field to update Certification enrollment completion date and looking for classes taken outside the certification":

          Learners have completed the schedule classes without renewing the certifications. This has resulted in Expired certifications though learners have completed the courses and Administrator has marked the classes as successfully attended the courses.
          In order to fix the issue, providing a field in the certification status update page which will allow Admin to update the new completion date for the existing period.
          By default rendered property of this field will be false.
          This field will be available only when the status is changed to "Certified". This will update the exisitng certification period ONLY and will NOT create new certification periods.

          Anders Northeved