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    Default value from an other field


      This question pertains to iProcurement screen (/oracle/apps/icx/por/req/webui/CheckoutSummaryPG ). We have a requirement to default a date field after user enters an other date field. More specifically, in the 'Checkout : Requisition Information' page, when user enters a value in the 'end date' field, we want the 'need by date' field be populated with the same value. I'd assume this requires extension but can this be done?. In the Oracle forms world, I can put logic in triggers like 'when validate items'. I am looking for a trigger in OA framework that I could use to achieve this.

      Your help is appreciated.

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          Parag Narkhede
          Yes you can do it.
          I hope this is on header(single record system).

          Extend CO, get handle of VO and setattribute of needbydate based on your logic.

          Let me know, if you are not able to do it..

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