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    25025 Error when upgrading Any work arounds

      When we upgraded a system from 6u29 to 7u4 and then 7u5, Windows 7 32bit Service Pack 1, the particular system ended up having a non usable Java Stack.

      Perform repeated upgrades form 6u28 to 6u31 to 7u4 and then 7u5. Observe the Windows Control Panel In this case the Programs section indicates that there is no Java installed, Java FX2.1 is installed.
      At this point the user cannot uninstall java to install it. Restarting the computer doesn't clear up the issue.

      Are there any utilities to analyze or repari broken Java Installs?

      We are aware of the release notes on 7u5 that indicate there was an issue updating from 6. There are several issues with the work around and the impact on our user community. Is this the correct place to discuss this. If not, is there an install forum for these types of disucssion.