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    OCA query


      I want to do OCA for developer track [ oracle/sql-plsql/forms ]

      what are the paper for the same and where the material I can get

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          check this out

          hope this helps
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            Matthew Morris
            Your question isn't really specific so a specific answer isn't possible. The developer OCA track requires two tests -- one SQL, the other PL/SQL. However there are three exams that can fulfill the SQL requirement, and two tests that can fulfill the PL/SQL requirement. Specifics about the PL/SQL track can be found at:


            The two tests most of the people (including me) will recommend for the track are:

            1Z0-051 Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I
            1Z0-144 Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL

            You also mentioned Forms, which is not part of the OCA , but can be added as an OCP after getting the PL/SQL OCA with the following test:

            1Z0-141 Oracle Forms: Build Internet Applications

            For specific suggestions on study material for the various tests, search by the test id in the forum (i.e. 1Z0-051). It's a common question.
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              can you provide study material/link for 051 and 144

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                Matthew Morris

                The Oracle documentation is here: http://www.oracle.com/pls/db112/homepage and is an excellent means of studying for the tests. Free and legitimate study materials seldom exist for Oracle certifications. Brain dumps are all over the place, but are illegitimate and can cost you any certifications you have and prevent you from getting new ones. Some copyrighted material is available on the Web, but is illegal and using them are a slap in the face to people who spent long hours creating them.

                There are numerous books and guides written for 1Z0-051. A search on Amazon will locate a handful. At this time, there is nothing that I or anyone else has been able to find specific to the 1Z0-144 exam beyond practice tests available from various vendors (Transcender and SelfTestSoftware being the only two recommended by Oracle). A number of people refer to Steven Feuerstein's book: Oracle PL/SQL Programming as a good source of PL/SQL knowledge relevant to 144. In addition, I have been developing a 1Z0-144 study guide for my Oracle Certification Prep series that will be published shortly. It should be available on Amazon by the end of next week.
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                  Hi Mathew,

                  I have seen the study guide for exam 1Z0-144 that is being sold on Amazon. Looks like it is written by you. Do you suggest this book for the exam: 1Z0-144?


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                    Matthew Morris
                    Looks like it is written by you.
                    Yes -- I wrote this guide.

                    Do you suggest this book for the exam: 1Z0-144?
                    The study guide was written specifically for that exam. If I did not believe that it would help someone pass 1Z0-144, I would never have published it. That said, I never tell anyone "You should buy my guide" simply because I cannot be unbiased.

                    I will tell you that I do not suggest using this guide as your sole means of preparation unless you are already very familiar with the test topics. I've been developing in PL/SQL for about 15 years. I could have used this study guide as my sole source because I already was well familiar with PL/SQL and really just needed to review the specific topics that would be tested. This is not the case for most people taking the exam.

                    If you are new to PL/SQL, it is my opinion that simply reading any book (including the Oracle documentation) is insufficient preparation for the exam. Reading will help you learn the basics, but you need to practice writing code to become proficient. The guide contains a great deal of the information that you will need to know on the exam. However, if you don't really have any idea of how to program in PL/SQL then you may not be able to apply the information on the exam.

                    In the companion site to the study guides, http://www.oraclecertificationprep.com I have links to the relevant documentation for each exam. I also collect links to articles, whitepapers, tutorials, etc. on the Web which have information relevant to the exam. I highly recommend using these (whether or not you purchase the guide) to help you learn the subject matter for the exam. Reading material written by different authors will provide you with a broader understanding of the information. The documentation is also an excellent resource. Its main problem is that the information you need is not always easy to locate. Also, the topics on the Oracle Education website don't always make it clear exactly what information you need to study.
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                      Thanks Mathew. This helps me at least how I need to proceed to prepare for the exam. Yes I do have experience in working with PL/SQL. But I am not expert in all the concepts in PL/SQL particularly those introduced in 11g. The URL you have provided has really good information about the exam preparation. Thanks for sharing it.