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    Implementing a WebEDI with Oracle B2B

      I would like to build an Architecture for a Customer who would like to provide for his small Suppliers a way to submit their invoices, what is the minimum of infrastructure the small Supplier will need to send his invoices,
      for that need the customer is asking for a WebEDI feature, could you please tell me how we can implement such feature with Oracle B2B ?
      Thanks in advance.
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          Anuj Dwivedi--Oracle
          Perhaps I did not understand the question completely but as far as I know WebEDI itself is a web-based EDI product which allows small customers to view orders from big retailers send invoices back to them. It basically works over email protocol.

          If you want to integrate Oracle B2B with WebEDI then it can be done very easily but if requirement is about something else, then may be I need more detail to understand it and suggest a possible way.

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            I have take a look to Oracle References, and i think 'SPS Commerce' (http://www.spscommerce.com/servicesandtech/trading-partner-integration/edi/) is the model i'm looking to implement, they are providing differents ways to send EDI document one of them is Webforms, i thing it was developed using ADF.
            Could you please tell me more for their Technical Architecture or advice for Similar implementation.