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    it is required to install anti virus on linux server

      it is required to install anti virus on linux server
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          Why would you want to do that? Do you think that your Linux platform can become infected? If so, how?

          These questions need to be asked, analysed and answer. Security is NOT simply installing anti-virus s/w.

          Security is about managing risks. That means you need to identify the risks, analyse the risks, and then address these risks.

          Unless of course you run the Windows o/s, where merely running the Windows o/s is in fact the risk...?
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            Some people may not agree, but I think Virus issues should be addressed at the client, not the server side.

            A server should not get infected with a virus because it should not be used to install software from suspicious sources or be used to browse the internet for information or connect USB sticks. In practice however, people are often not strict about the use of the server and the root account. I'd say this typically applies to Windows, which depending on version, 3rd party tools and type of installation, makes it an easy target for malicious software.

            If you provide services for Windows, like Samba shares, you might want to install Anti-Virus software to prevent your machine from being used to spread a virus, but then again, this should actually be addressed at the client side.

            So my answer is, no, it is not required to install anti virus on a Linux server, but depending on who uses it, what gets installed and who connects, it can be recommended. Keep in mind however, that every Anti-Virus software will slow down the machine, and interfere with access to data with a potential to break standard operations. I think what some people do is to install Anti-virus software, but only update and activate and scan on demand when there is some suspicion.

            My favorite Anti-Virus software is Sophos Anti-Virus, which provides a free home edition for Mac users. They also have a version for Red Hat Linux based systems but it's not free. I think ClamAV for Linux is a popular free anti-virus solution. It is part of the standard software repository and also available with Oracle Public Yum, e.g. yum install clamav.

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