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    LOVs on primary keys

      Hi everyone,

      We are using JDeveloper and JHeadstart and pull in our viewobjects using the Default Data Model Components. We have converted a program that has been in use since JDev 10g (then JDev 11g version 1) and are now having some problems. We have several master-detail tabbed regions in which the detail window has an LOV on the composite key for use when the user inserts a new record (we do not use pre-populated fields).
      1. The LOV pop up displays fine but the value does not appear in the key/input field until we click save.
      2. If we have more than one LOV on a window (one is used on the composite key field), once the LOV on the key field is clicked the others do not work (do not get the popup window). Although if we click the non key LOV first the key LOV pop up does work.
      3. After inserting a record and clicking save, if we click Add Row button a second time the fields contain the attribute values of the previous record that was just inserted.

      We had previously got around issue #1 by creating a transient attribute to display on the window instead of the key field and then copied the transient value to the key field. This no longer works in JDev version 2 (it seems our doDML code which does the copy from field to field is no longer executed on an insert). We have also gotten around this issue by making the window a table-form, removing the multi row insert button which forced the user to insert a record in form view.

      Does anyone know of a better solution and what is causing issue #2 and #3?