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    Scheduling Discoverer Reports in Bulk (without GUI) - is there a way?

      Hi all,

      I'm looking for a way to schedule a bunch of reports without using the GUI (there's zillions of reports that run well most of the time but sometimes some of them don't work, so instead of having people going mad clicking through all of them in search of one that doesn't work we'd like to schedule them all and check which one didn't run).

      I know we can schedule reports using GUI (tested) but GUI means I'll have to open and schedule each report by hand.
      While doing it manually would probably keep me busy until retirement age I fear for my sanity if I start doing it that way.

      Does anyone have a pointer on how to handle it? I'd love to do it through direct access to the meta tables, command line is good (although I see no documentation on scheduling via command line, only on scheduling a command to run report and running it via an external scheduler).

      Thank you all in advance,