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    install grub and kernel on partition


      I use Solaris 10 on VM and added new disk (c2t0d0) with partitions.
      Installed GRUB with:

      # installgrub -m stage1 stage2 /dev/rdsk/c2t0d0s0

      I have some root partition (packed in .bz2) t which I restored with ufsrestore (UFS) command.

      I restarted VM and want to enter (boot from) new disk. GRUB entry seems to be OK but I get some error on screen.
      Then I realized that kernel for x86 is not present on new disk and I copied kernel (from "old" disk where Solaris 10 is installed) to new disk but still cannot start system from new disk (some kernel issue).

      Can you please advise me what needs to be done in order to boot from disk (partition) which misses kernel?

      Thanks in advance,