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    What frameworks/libraries/technologies for a cross platform simple 2D game?


      As the title suggests, my question is:
      What frameworks/libraries/technologies for a cross platform simple 2D game?

      I know there's no exact answer to this question, so I'd like to know suggestions and/or experiences with the technologies listed below.

      The scope:
      I want to make a 2D rpg that runs in the browser on desktops and on mobile phones/tablets. It should work with either the mouse and the touch screen.

      To reach the most platforms HTML 5 is probably the best bet. And I know a 2D game is possible, but I prefer doing Java.

      So I've been looking at some Java technologies:
      - JavaFX, I'd prefer this over Swing, as it's newer, and it's going to be added to the JRE. I've played with it and it runs smooth. Reaching Windows/Linux/Mac + Android (and possibly Blackberry as they support Android apps) would be good enough. However there's some problems with it, I'm affraid that Oracle will have some trick in the license that makes it illegal for google to use it in Android (they don't want to lose another ORACLE VS GOOGLE lawsuit). [I've read that Oracle showed some JavaFX converted to html5 on android/iphone on JavaOne.|http://www.infoworld.com/d/application-development/oracle-shows-javafx-ios-and-android-174996], but nothing is released yet, and no promises have been made that it will be released.
      - JMonkeyEngine A promising free tool for Java game programming. They are working on android support, so hopefully you could have one codebase for windows/linux/mac + android. This engine's focus is 3D, so it's a bit overkill for my project. I've tried out the beta (version 3) and it was kind of buggy, and I was unable to import my blender models (might be my lack of experience though). But for a community project (it seems like it) it's good, but not perfect for my needs.
      - [Google Web Toolkit|https://developers.google.com/web-toolkit/] Code in Java, generate html and javascript from it. This could work for my needs, but I'm not sure if GWT needs much tweaking to work on Android and other mobile OS'es. GWT isn't really meant for games either, but as it's a simple 2D RPG it could be enough. The GWT sdk have moved to the eclipse community now. I'm not sure if it's good because it might mean that google doesn't want to improve it any longer.

      Please post your opinion (or your experiences) about the options I've listed are good for a 2D game or not. And if you know a better option, please share :)

      Edit: No clue why the urls aren't working.