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    Sun Access Manager to OpenSSO 8 migration


      I'm trying to migrate from Sun Java System Access Manager/Sun Directory Server 5.2 to Oracle OpenSSO 8/Sun Directory Server 11. After creating the same suffix (dc=example) from DS 5.2 to DS 11, I installed and configured OpenSSO. After that I export/import my application subtree (o=appl1) from a ldiff file. Everything works good (user, groups, roles, etc) except policies. In Access Manager my policies is keep under ou=iPlanetAMPolicyService,ou=services,o=appl1,dc=example and if I manually create a policy in OpenSSo it's created under ou=iPlanetAMPolicyService,ou=services,o=appl1,ou=services,dc=example. To read policies from my application I use PolicyManager and if it possible I dont want to change the code. Is it possible to tell OpenSSO to keep my policies under ou=iPlanetAMPolicyService,ou=services,o=appl1,dc=example instead of ou=iPlanetAMPolicyService,ou=services,o=appl1,ou=services,dc=example or I need to modify my ldif file or other way ? Thanks for your help.