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    Migration of OKCAUDET.fmb from R11 to R12


      Can any one help me in migrating the OKCAUDET.fmb from R11 to R12.

      We found that there is no OKCAUDET.fmb in R12 whereas it is present in 11i. We found that OKCAUDET.fmb has been removed in R12 and there is OA Page instead of that.

      We found that OKCAUDET.pll file is removed in R12 whereas it is present in 11i which is present in attached libraries of the form.

      When we are trying to compile the form we are facing issues as OKCAUDET.pll is not present in R12.

      The errors which we are facing are like "Implementation Restriction: 'OKC_API.G_MISS_NUM;: Cannot directly access remote package variable or cursor" etc., .

      So we are stuck at how to migrate this form from 11i to R12. Any help would be appreciated.