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    ORacle provider for OLEDB


      I've downloaded and installed Oracle client. I can connect to the database using SQLPLUS. Tnsnames.ora file is in place.

      My question is how do I activate Oracle Provider of OLEDB?

      I tried to create a udl file can be used to test the connection (referred in the link provided below). To create a udl file on the desktop choose to create a new text document and name it with the .udl extension. But on the Provider page I can't see the option for "Oracle Provider for OLEDB" .


      I can see that OLEDB folder exists under <ORACLE_CLIENT_HOME>\oledb

      Also the funny thing, I noticed is that when I try to create 32 bit system DSN by running odbcad32 in SYSWOW64 folder, Click Add, I donot see a list of any drivers in there. This is true for odbcad.exe (64 bit)

      I'm on Windows 2008 server. Oracle client is 32 bit version I have not installed a 64 bit oracle client.
      Any pointers will be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.