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    JMRTD host API

      I tried to use the API and the sample program.... I added all the required jar files etc ...
      however, when I added the SCUBA project I found that the program doesn't recognize the following packages in the SCUBA project :

      import com.ibm.jc.JCException;
      import com.ibm.jc.JCTerminal;
      import com.ibm.jc.terminal.RemoteJCTerminal;


      import com.sun.javacard.apduio.CadClientInterface;
      import com.sun.javacard.apduio.CadDevice;
      import com.sun.javacard.apduio.CadTransportException;


      do I have to include external tools such as JCOP tools ?
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          No, it should be possible to build the relevant projects without relying on the JCOP tools if you don't have a need to work with the JCOP emulator. Please PM me at info@jmrtd.org for instructions.


          PS Not sure if OTN is the best forum for JMRTD specific questions. Consider asking them on the project's open discussion forum over at SourceForge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jmrtd/forums/forum/580232.
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            I believe you need the offcard.jar file from JCOP tools. You can use JCTerminal to connect to either a real card or the emulator. As mentioned you do not need it to talk to a real card if you are using javax.smartcardio.* though.