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    pl/sql code Security

      How to get users pl/sql code Security.
      wrap is not a safe option.
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          Lakmal Rajapakse
          Pete Finnigan has a tool to secure PL/SQL - see:

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            I is a good way.
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              where to download?
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                Harm Joris ten Napel-Oracle

                typically any problems when the database has difficulty running wrapped code that was altered after the
                oracle supported wrap took place (step 4 on the listed url) would not be supported, it's not recommended
                or supported to alter already wrapped code,


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                  dfy167 wrote:
                  where to download?
                  It's a commercial tool. It doesn't appear that the links to purchase a license are working. I assume that if you email info at petefinnigan dot com that they'll get back to you with information about how to license the tool and/or how to arrange a demo.

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                    Hi Guys,

                    Very late response but someone just made me aware of this thread. All the links on http://www.pfclobfuscate.com now work and the site includes licensing details and prices.

                    The tool set can be used with link 4 or not; its really up to the users choice; so you can simply obfuscate or you can also wrap and wrapprotect. The WrapProtect makes the Oracle wrap file not unwrappable by known unwrappers. The only way to acheive this is by changing the wrap output. Strictly speaking the modified wrap output is only used to compile the PL/SQL into the database and thereafter the compiled PL/SQL is executed not the wrapped file output. Therefore as long as it compiles its pretty safe to run; but a user of PFCLOBfuscate/WrapProtect should test. The balance is to get security of your IPR in your PL/SQL; so far we have quite a number of clients using these tools to protect their PL/SQL code from being read by unauthorised people. drop me an email if you would like a demo of how it works; no obligations at all.

                    Kind regards