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ISCSI Configuration Questions

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Having not configured iscsi on a Solaris system before, I have a couple of questions on configuring it under Solaris 11 on a Sun T4-1 server. First, configuration info:

SAN Info – EMC VX7500 with the following addresses:,,
Three separate LUNs created/presented.

Sun T4-1 server – two XAUI adapters with short-haul 10GB GBICs attached to 10GB fiber switches, IPs assigned are and (configured with jumbo frames, ensured the switch attached to also has the ports configured for jumbo frames).

The following is what I have done during the configuration:

Ran the following commands –
     iscsiadm add discovery-address
iscsiadm add discovery-address     
iscsiadm add discovery-address
iscsiadm add discovery-address

When I run iscsiadm list discovery_addresses it returns the following:
     Discovery Address:
     Discovery Address:
     Discovery Address:
     Discovery Address:

After restarting the system I was able to see the LUNs and create ZFS file systems. I also ran the following:
     iscsiadm modify initiator-node –c 2

It appears I have everything up and running, however, there are two issues that I’ve encountered and could use some guidance/assistance on.

First, when the system is shutdown or rebooted the iscsi initiator loses connectivity before it can properly shutdown, resulting in a system hang (have to force the shutdown/reboot via the ilom port).

Second, when the system is brought back online one of the three zfs filesystems doesn’t mount requiring a ‘zfs mount <filesystem>’ command to bring it online.

Also, if there are other settings or things I should do to ensure the system is configured properly, please do let me know.

Many thanks!



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