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    Display Pages on Click of tabs

    Abhishek Mehrotra

      I have a requriement where I need to create a page which will have fields and operations that will involve various tables. So, for that a customized VO which will have all the required table has been created by me already. Now, I need to open a page on the click of the tab which will show me the attributes of that customized VO. I am not finding the exact place/file where i need to modify the configurations. I have made an entry in the menu xml file. Please give some suggestion for the same else some better approch to achive this functionality as I am new to JHeadstart.
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          Stephen J.
          Hi Abhishek,
          your question is rather unclear. It sounds like you're trying to do something pretty basic, but maybe you need to take a step back and work through the tutorial. I think what you're trying to do is pretty well covered by the first few chapters of the JHeadstart Developer's Guide and by the JHeadstart End-To-End Tutorial, both available from Oracle's JHeadstart home page. If you've already been through those and it's not covering what you need, please try to clarify your question, and include the JDeveloper and JHeadstart version numbers.

          Stephen J.
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            Abhishek Mehrotra
            Thanks. I already made the required changes but they were not getting refreshed I think. Now, its working fine.