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    Visual Studio 2010 supported for Tuxedo 11G ?


      We are planning to use Tuxedo 11G in following two scenarios:

      1.     Windows 7 , Visual Studio 2010 ,MQ 7
      2.     Windows 2008 , Visual Studio 2010 ,MQ 7

      We have looked into the 11G data sheet:

      However nothing is mentioned for Visual Studio 2010 in the above data sheet.

      Can someone please confirm that the above mentioned two combinations of software are supported with respect to Tuxedo11G ?

      Jayanta Kumar Das
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          Bob Finan-Oracle
          The second combination (Windows 2008 , Visual Studio 2010 ,MQ 7) is supported in Tuxedo 11gR1PS1 (Tuxedo
          The first combination (Windows 7 , Visual Studio 2010 ,MQ 7) is not supported. The Tuxedo 11gR1PS1 installer for
          Windows 7,VS2010 is "Client Only" (i.e. does not have any Tuxedo MQ adapter server).


          Bob Finan

          The IBM Websphere MQ version that is tested with Tuxedo 11gR1PS1 is
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            Thanks for your reply. On the second combination (Windows 7 , Visual Studio 2010 ,MQ 7) is not supported ..Is it only true for if we use Tuxedo MQ Adapter ?

            If we use C++ code using VS2010 environment that uses tuxedo libraries and communicate with MQ directly(i.e without adapter) will still there be problems ?

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              Todd Little-Oracle
              Hi Jayanta,

              What Bob meant was that Windows 7 is not considered a server platform by Microsoft, so we only support Tuxedo clients on Windows 7. Since you mentioned WebSphere MQ in your original post, I suspect Bob thought you might be using the Tuxedo MQ Adapter which is a server only related feature. You can use Tuxedo client APIs and MQ directly on Windows 7, although you obviously won't get any transaction management as that can only occur if MQ is being accessed from a Tuxedo process (client or server) that is running on a system running the Tuxedo natively, i.e., full install. Tuxedo remote clients use delegated transactions, i.e., the transaction context is only present on the Tuxedo server system the remote client is accessing. Any local transaction context on a Tuxedo client system is NOT propagated to the Tuxedo server.

              I hope that made sense.

              Todd Little
              Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect