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    Siebel Database migration from IBM DB2 to Oracle

      Hi ,

      We are planning to migrate Siebel / OBIEE db form the existing DB2 to Oracle db. Can some please help us, what are the points we need to consider.
      Also please let us know if you find any hurdles during the same.

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          Hello Kumar

          Typically for Packaged Apps you don't have to migrate database objects like stored procedures, triggers, views etc as the app will have its own database specific seed schema. What needs to be migrated/ported is the customizations done to the app in the source environment and the transaction data to the target and ofcourse a thorough testing is recommended.

          So the migration process typically is :

          1. Install Siebel for Oracle (schema and data access layer).
          2. Implement customizations in Oracle.
          3. Migrate transaction data from source DB to Oracle.
          4. Test.

          Oracle has a group that can help with this process. Let me know and I will put you in touch with them.