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    Error during setting up cluster(3.7.1) under windows firewall [.NET]


      I have been setting up a coherence cluster containing two servers(windows server 2008 R2) cross the network. They work fine if I turn off the firewall.

      If the firewall is on, even I open the following ports for both inbound and outbound, they cannot join each other:

      Tcmp death detection (port tcp 7)
      TCMP (port tcp 8088)
      tcp-acceptor (port tcp 50000)
      multicast-listener (port tcp 50001)

      Actually even if I open all ports (1-65535), I got the same error message like: Ipmonitor failed to verity fthe reachability of senior Member ... if this persists it is likely the result of a local or remote firewall rule blocking either ICMP pings, or connections to TCP port 7.

      Any reply is appreciated.