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    WebCenter Spaces Forum Customization

      Hey all,

      I'm trying to implement a functionality to the Discussion Services (forum) provided in my WebCenter Spaces instance.
      I need to implement a way to describe/categorize posts in the forum, such as, describing the post as a "Question", as a simple "Comment" or as an "Answer".

      This can be shown to final users just like in this forum, showing a small icon in front of the post itself.

      I believe this can be done in pure Jive forums, as I saw that behavior on their forums, however, I'm not finding a way to configure / implement such behavior in the Discussion Services inside Spaces.

      Any ideas? Is this possible to be achieved without re-coding the component?
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          I don't think,Oracle Webcenter product team has developed the forum taskflow in that jive forum look and feel way and jive's each and every functionality.

          To get the right kind of information , you need to consult with Oracle product team .

          To my opinion,customization won't help you in your case.

          Hope it helps you.

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