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11gr2_02 installation

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hello expert,
i m installed database and also grid infrastructure in my m/c on linux 5.4. I am going to do asm. i m also installing in same pc.
i have got error of crsctl. i have mv crsctl to crsctl.orig which is located in grid_home/bin folder.
then create a crsctl file on ORACLE_GRIDHOME/BIN/
adding this lines from google
case $1 in
echo "Oracle High Availability Services release version on the local node is []"
$EXEC $*

now i am trying to install software. now i am not getting error, but when installing it goes to hang mode. its not generating ORACLE_HOME directory . As well as no installation log file creating.
some informantion i want to give u that
no error of oraInventory ,
no permission error for directory creation, oraInventory.
this is the file location which i have change
-rw-r--r-- 1 oracle dba 183 Jul 5 19:51 crsctl
-rwxr-x--- 1 oracle dba 37409857 Sep 4 2011 crsctl.bin
-rwxr-x--- 1 oracle dba 8136 Jul 5 16:44 crsctl.orig
so kindly please help me.
thanks to all......
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    You can only have ONE Grid Infrastructure installation and it must be the highest version (crs, asm, etc). You are using ( in this case). You can have multiple RDBMS versions installed. If you are using ASM, 10g RDBMS will work under ASM.

    Make sure that your oraInventory directory has permissions such that both grid and oracle users can read/write to this directory. See /etc/oraInst.loc for the location where oracle expects to find the "global" inventory.

    If GI is functioning and ASM is up and running, then just install your RDBMS versions in their own ORACLE_HOME(s).
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    yes i have full permission to global Inventory of both grid and rdbms,
    my grid is and rdbms also both r running success. now i am going to install rdbms. i got this error..
    An internal error occurred within cluster verification framework.
    can u please suggest any solution.

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    invoke the installer with -ignorePrereq


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    i have already do that...
    any another suggesstion

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    which option did you choose during installation of Grid Infrastructure?

    You could uninstall grid infrastructure and reinstall both grid infracture and ASM togother using "Configure Oracle Grid infracture for a standalone server" on "Step 2 of 9" screen.
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    Uninstalling a perfectly good GI is not the answer.

    When installing the version, how did you install this? what option did you use when installing (RAC? Standalone?)
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    hi all,
    i am install GI then install rdbms, then trying to install rdbms on the same user on another dbhome.
    my purpose is GI is supported up to 10g rdbms. im not using rac. its only in standalone machine. in my first and second post if u check u will get the error.
    please tell me what is i am going to do is this wright way or not. i want to check it will support or not then i am going to use ASM database on this GI.

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    Thankyou onedbguru.


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