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    11gr2_02 installation

      hello expert,
      i m installed database and also grid infrastructure in my m/c on linux 5.4. I am going to do asm. i m also installing in same pc.
      i have got error of crsctl. i have mv crsctl to crsctl.orig which is located in grid_home/bin folder.
      then create a crsctl file on ORACLE_GRIDHOME/BIN/
      adding this lines from google
      case $1 in
      echo "Oracle High Availability Services release version on the local node is []"
      $EXEC $*

      now i am trying to install software. now i am not getting error, but when installing it goes to hang mode. its not generating ORACLE_HOME directory . As well as no installation log file creating.
      some informantion i want to give u that
      no error of oraInventory ,
      no permission error for directory creation, oraInventory.
      this is the file location which i have change
      -rw-r--r-- 1 oracle dba 183 Jul 5 19:51 crsctl
      -rwxr-x--- 1 oracle dba 37409857 Sep 4 2011 crsctl.bin
      -rwxr-x--- 1 oracle dba 8136 Jul 5 16:44 crsctl.orig
      so kindly please help me.
      thanks to all......