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    Help me

      I am a new employee of ERP company. They are developing 'TOPS' ERP for apparel industry.

      My first project is develop a web app for the ERP. They have a big idea to developed the ERP as web app in future. As a start I have to develop one module as web app.

      So i am kindly help me to figure out what are technologies, web frameworks and data layer technologies that should i use
      as start of this project. Also what are the heavily used development frameworks.

      I have little bit of experience in structs, spring MVC, EJB 3.X and hibernate.

      Help me to clear out what type of technology combination is refer for this implementation. keep in mind this will be expand a lot in near future.

      Also what is most suitable(performance vice) app server that supports creating connection pools etc...

      thank you
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          Ehm... isn't it your job to be able to answer these questions, perhaps after some personal research? Asking questions in a forum (filled with complete strangers) does not constitute research - that's in fact taking a very dangerous shortcut to avoid doing research altogether. At the very least you should have come here only to verify your own findings, not to be told what to do.

          In any case since you provide absolutely zero details ("I need to do things and stuff and in the future I'll need to do more things and stuff" doesn't qualify as information), nobody will be able to provide any kind of assistance other than venting personal preferences - which are completely useless to you.

          EDIT: and by the way: cross-posting (the act of spamming the exact same question to multiple forums) will only irritate people and you'll have even less chance of getting an answer. I hope you didn't post the same question to other websites; if you did I would start confessing what you did and post links to the posts on otherwebsites you cross-posted to. Nobody likes to waste their time answering a question when it has already been answered somewhere else.
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            Not a real question. Locking. Deleted your two crossposts.

            EDIT: deleted a third. If you persist your account will be locked. Stop it.

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